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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Gilbird BeilshmidtMale/Germany Group :iconaskhumanhetaliapets: AskHumanHetaliaPets
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Gilbird Beilshmidt
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

:bulletyellow:Erich "Gilbird" Dreizehn Beilschmidt :bulletyellow:

Prefers Gilbird

Physically 18

165 cm (Around 5'5")


Gilbird is part of a species of wild birds that was taken in by Prussia. One of his most distinguishing features is his messy blonde hair that never stays down no matter who much he tries. He and his sister share the same shade of brown eyes that they wish were blue. Spending a lot of his time outside, he has gained freckles along his cheeks and shoulder. His complexion is often covered with dirt smudges that he never notices but will get flustered if you point it out. He's thin and lanky looking but lacks muscular definition. During the winter months he gains some weight but looses it in the spring.


Once being a small bird, Gilbird is very vocal and will not be afraid to speak his mind if the situation calls for it. He takes after his mother who had a very mild-mannered personality but tries his best to act more like his owner. He is very diligent and loyal to those he is very close to but tends to rush into things without thinking. Wanting to be stronger, he hides the fact that he's a huge crybaby and he tends to get worked up over little things. The world fascinates him though; he'll ask questions about everything that it has to offer until he runs out of things to wonder about. His curiosity tends to make him travel and take pictures everywhere he goes; he'll never learn to sit still for more than a few minutes.

(( Julie convinced me to make an askblog for Gil over on tumblr...

and yeah, I told myself to post a journal with a link to it when I reached a 100 followers...

So here:

I changed minor things in his design so it's practically a restart. I'll try to manage both a well as I can. I'm not doing such a good job so far.))

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What was your first reaction when you woke up like this?
AskHumanHanatamago Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
"GILBIRD! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!",a rough, loud voice was heard outside of the door.
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